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Maxi Possibilities is an Engineering Services company offering equipment sales, design and support
activities. The company prides itself in being a highly competitive engineering supplies and services
player. Our services have been proven as unparallel both in terms of quality and costs. Our attention to
customer requirements and great strides towards fully meeting and/or exceeding their needs have
positioned our business to great heights in as far as our customers’ satisfaction is concerned.
Among the values enshrined in our organization, propelling us to exceptionally good standing in the
community we services are the following values:
· Honesty and Integrity- we are clear with what our capabilities are and offer such services at fair
rates without disenfranchising our clients. Where we are not adequately capacitated, we
communicate that upfront to our customers and will not pursue to the detriment of our
· Care- we care for our people, our customers and environment under which we operate. We
invest in our people’s development, attend to their reasonable social needs and contribute
towards the achievement of our corporate investment activities for both our organization and
· Passion- The love for the engineering trade and the required precision as well as legal and
governance regulations constrain our business strategic engagements.
In all our business engagements, we subscribe to the guidelines enshrined in theISO9001:2008
Quality Management System. The goal being for us to always keep our customers fully satisfied with
our products in as far as their specifications and all other implied expectations are concerned.
Continuous improvement of our Quality Management System is every employee’s key performance
attribute at Maxi Possibilities. We have competent staff that is well trained to interpret our client
expectations into the required quality outputs.
We pride ourselves in observing the requirements of the ISO14001 Environmental Management
System and OHSAS18001 Health and Safety Standard in the minimum on all our engagements. We have
a sound SHE system that not only constrains us to our relevant policies and procedures, but is also part
of our deliberate golden principal to any other additional specifications and expectations from our
customers. Our system is not only robust, but also dynamically flexible in that regard. Management
takes full responsibility and leadership in the observation of SHE requirements and the same is
cascaded to our all staff.