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Studio Pietrangeli (SP) was founded in 1964 by Giorgio Pietrangeli to provide specialised engineering services for large dams and hydropower plants.  The firm’s services cover all phases of a project and range from conception to monitoring during operation, including all the design activities, specialised studies, investigations, supervision of the works, and so on. Although our core activities concentrate on dams and hydropower plants, we also specialise in large civil structures (tunnels, roads, etc.) and large hydraulic works (water supply systems, irrigation plants, ports, etc.). Studio Pietrangeli’s staff of approximately 80 people includes internationally renowned experts, engineers and other professionals and technical staff specialized in the various project sectors. While SP’s head office is in Rome, the firm also has branches in Sierra Leone, Ecuador, Tanzania and Ethiopia and elsewhere sets up its own temporary premises and/or makes use of local partners’ facilities. Our extraordinary domestic and international experience confirms the outstanding quality of our work. Studio Pietrangeli has successfully completed the design of over 160 dams, 60 hydropower plants, 250 km of hydraulic tunnels plus several irrigations, water supply, and sewage treatment plants. Alongside its more traditional engineering schemes, Studio Pietrangeli, from its beginnings, has always proposed innovative solutions to complex technical problems. The firm is responsible for the engineering of several important international works recently completed or under construction. Those recently completed include Beles 460 MW, Gibe II 420 MW and Bumbuna 1st Phase 50 MW, while our two record-breaking projects under construction are Gibe III (world’s highest RCC dam, 240 m) and Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (6000 MW