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At THE BRAAI PLACE we don’t confound you with tales and legends of ambiguous places or events, but rather just the truth, and that truth is that we serve more than just meal, but a way of life, a tradition and culture that is at the heart of every one of our patrons. The truth that only the freshest ingridients are used in the preparations of our food. The certainty that our succulent portions are prepared fresh, seasoned and marinated for 48 hours in our secret blend of spices and sauces to ensure unbeatable succulence and tenderness. The faith that our steaks are basted and prepared over an open flame grill per order and to prefection, thus ensuring that all essential flavours are not only accentuated but retained. It is these plain and simple facts that are the elementary secret of our success. and that is simply…THE TRUTH


South Ring Mall, Gaborone, Botswana